After a summer off to attend to the massively successful launch The Mainstream with Brett Maybee, it feels great to kick off a brand new season of Gaënö’! Nya:wëh to everyone for your continued support! 

It’s with great pleasure that we kick things off with Shawn Michael Perry (Mayan Decent Mestizo and probably African as well*). Shawn’s an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, educator and consultant. On the screen he’s been featured in Last of the Mohicans, Star Trek the Next Generation, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman just to name a few. Musicially, he’s opened for or has shared the stage with the likes of Redbone, Bill Miller, Keith Secola. Additionally, he and his wife Belinda own and run the Only the Brave music consultant firm and educational services through All That Culture Music of the Americas. 

Today, Shawn joins me to discuss his latest album Brave, which is up for consideration at the this years GRAMMY’s! 

*disclaimer- this is part of an ongoing discussion. Shawn’s claims are being investigated.

Track Listing

0:00:01 | ROCK STEADY | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE
0:04:25 | Interview Pt 1
0:08:34 | RAIN COME DOWN | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 
0:13:21 | Beautiful | Segweh | Segweh 
0:16:52 | Move Me | Crystal Shawanda | Church House Blues 
0:21:35 | Interview Pt 2
0:26:15 | BRAVE | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 
0:29:18 | World on Fire (feat. Karl Perazzo, Andy Vargas & Cindy Blackman Santana) | Micki Free | Turquoise Blue 
0:33:44 | Find My Way | Blackbird | Find My Way - Single 
0:37:01 | Interview Pt 3
0:43:23 | Fight | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave Special Edition 
0:49:27 | Just Like That | Stevie Salas | Colorcode 
0:53:08 | CRNY/Onöhsagwë:de'/
0:53:16 | Running With Wolves | Digawolf | High Arctic 

What is Gaënö'?

A one hour, nationally syndicated (Native Voice One) weekly show that shines a spotlight on Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island. Produced and Hosted by Brett Maybee (unenrolled Seneca)