This Witch Reads

In this episode, I share what Harold R. Johnson’s book, “The Power of Story: On Truth, the Trickster, and New Fictions for a New Era” taught me about being a witch and tending to my soul.

I was in the bookstore looking for my next read for the podcast when I noticed this book saying “Pick me. Pick me.” I picked it up, flipped through the first pages and came across the opening paragraph from Harold’s wife. She explained how Harold passed away a couple weeks after completing the edits for this book. She described her husband as a gifted storyteller whose last words are powerful and dedicated to all peoples. Upon reading her words, I immediately imagined myself in her shoes – my husband having died a couple weeks after completing what would be his last book. Writing a dedication under those circumstances would be so hard yet her dedication was touching and it made me tear up and her invitation to read the book drew me in. 

I had to learn more.

You can view the written version of this episode on my blog.

What is This Witch Reads?

This Witch Reads is a podcast about a witch’s journey to deepen her magic and spirituality through books. Whether the book is found at the local bookstore, in the forgotten corners of my own bookshelf or recovered from an ancient source, I hope to learn more about the magical path through the written word and I invite you to join me.