Fire Within Nutrition and Fitness

We've probably all used the excuse "If I only had more time" at some point in our lives. With what is going on in our country, for many of us, has given us an opportunity and more time in our days.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about the opportunity with more time at home due to the Coronavirus to work on fitness and nutrition.

We focus on some of the more corrective exercises and things you can do at home when access to the gym is no longer an option. Many personal trainers including Brandon have moved their training to virtual and seeing it be very effective.

Don't neglect the opportunity to get outside while it is still allowed in your area during the quarantine. Going on a walk and exercising outside has the added benefit of vitamin D and fresh air. This can also help with your circadian rhythm and your sleep cycle.

Using this increased amount of time home for many of us is one of the few things related to the pandemic that we can control. We have a choice to make, we can use it to increase our health and wellness or it could very easily go in the other direction.

A great place to start is not to strive for perfection but strive to make better choices every day. Eat better, not necessarily perfect. You need a sustainable plan that's science-based and attainable. You can do it!

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What is Fire Within Nutrition and Fitness?

If you want to transform your life with nutrition and fitness, there are no shortcuts. You need a sustainable plan: the right mindset, and the knowledge and inspiration to stoke the fire within. Just like the Phoenix, you can burn your old habits, never turn back, and emerge anew.