Writing Your First Book

In this episode, Simiran converses with Divya Kumar who is the author of The Shrine Of Death. She shares her experience in writing, marketing, and publishing journey.

Show Notes

In this episode, our host Simiran converses with the guest Divya Kumar who is the author of The Shrine Of Death which was published in 2018. She explains how one real incident gave her the idea and the inspiration to write a book on it, not with the intention to make it information-heavy but turned it into a thriller fictional novel. She has also the importance of marketing for it great success even if you are social media person or not this is the way to make it visible in the market, irrespective of how well you have written. To know more about the writing process and marketing of your book tune into the episode of Writing Your First Book to learn and know more about the processes from the expert.    

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What is Writing Your First Book?

Everyone has a story to tell, but writing and publishing a book still remains a dream for many. In this series, we talk to published authors on how they went through the three critical steps of Writing, Publishing and Marketing their first book.