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We are calling this episode "Vision[ary] Pros" .. get it?  Check it out to see what we mean...

If you are running your own organization (whether it's a ministry or a company), a leader carrying the vision of your CEO or Lead Pastor, or maybe assembling a team... this is great! We think you'll get some things you can apply immediately. 

Apple released the exciting Vision Pro news at their annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). And this gave us a great backdrop to a thought-provoking conversation…Whether the founder's role is essential to a company's long-term success - as you all know, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the founders, not Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. What do you all think? Is a company's innovative progress contingent on the founder's clout or stamina? We also challenged some myths that the founder required to be a visionary and a pioneer.

In this episode...
  • Apple does it again!  First takes on WWDC2023
  • Vision Pro - competition for Oculus, or is it forging a new category?
  • "Luxury Technology"
  • Founder-led vs Non-Founder-Led companies
  • The Burden of a Visionary
  • Are all founders pioneers? ...are they all visionaries?

Recorded at Overflow Studios, Silicon Valley
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