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A challenge for you to stop filling your day (and head) with business-related content.

Show Notes

The more business-related content I consume, the less I get out of it.

It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I have a constant stream of invisible opinions and rules running my business for me — that I never approved.

It limits what I’m capable of, sucks the joy out of having a business, and it’s a huge time waster. So it ends today.

I’m starting the Content FOMO Challenge. It’s simple…

No more reading articles all day, everyday. Instead give yourself one day to binge on business-related content all you want — then move on.

For me that day will be Saturday. If I come across a link that looks interesting on any other day, I’ll set it aside using Pinboard and Feedbin.

When I get the urge to read or consume something (which I undoubtedly will, because let’s face it we’re all addicted to this stuff) I’ll work instead.

Take the challenge today.

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