Autonomous IT

Welcome to Product Talk, your ultimate guide to the features and use cases of Automox, hosted by Peter Pflaster and Steph Rizzuto. This podcast peels back the layers of Automox’s endpoint management software, discussing its various features, practical uses, and the transformative impact it has on businesses. Join Peter and Steph as they explore the nooks and crannies of the Automox product and help you leverage its full potential for your IT needs.

Creators & Guests

Peter Pflaster
When it comes to peeling back the layers of Automox's endpoint management software, Peter Pflaster is at the ready. His approach as the Senior Manager of Product Marketing is to dive deep into the product's core, explore every feature and use case, and relay in accessible terms Automox’s transformative impact on businesses. On the ProductTalk podcast, alongside Steph Rizzuto, Peter turns complex product details into engaging, understandable content. His expertise isn't just informative — it empowers IT professionals to unlock the full potential of their operations, making him an invaluable piece of the IT puzzle.

What is Autonomous IT?

Go from monotonous to autonomous IT operations with this series. Hosts from Automox, the IT automation platform for modern organizations, will cover the latest IT trends; Patch Tuesday remediations; ways to save time with Worklets (pre-built scripts); reduce risk; slash complexity; and automate OS, third-party, and configuration updates on all your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Automate confidence everywhere with Automox.