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Special Episode originally recorded as part of the Show and Tell Series for Silicon Craftsmen. Trevor shares all the previous projects he worked on that led to Cron Cat and provide some valuable insights and actionable frameworks for building Web 3.0 products and crafting excellent user experiences.

Show Notes

Show and Tell is a new Series from Silicon Craftsmen to have Product Deep Dives into projects building on Near so we can all learn from their experience.

On this episode we learn about the journey of product that led to CronCats - each failure and feature leading to new lessons and insights that continue to compound to build better products!

Trevor from CronCats also presents an actionable framework for building great User Experiences in Web 3.0. Enjoy!

Original Episode, Silicon Craftsmen Youtube Channel
NEAR Lunch & Learn Series (YouTube Playlist)
NEAR Whiteboard Series (Technical Deep Dive, YouTube Playlist)

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What is Wild User Interviews (WUI)?

People, Product and Crypto.

Wild User Interviews is about open-sourcing open-ended conversations with the creative forces shaping up the decentralised world. In the wild, our guests range from Product Designers to Blockchain Architects, and include topics such as Philosophy and Proof-of-Stake. The common thread being our focus on the human side as he try to deconstruct the frameworks and processes to enable listeners to become the better version of themselves while venturing into the Metaverse.