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On today's epic episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy and honored to welcome back Andrews-Wilson, the dynamic duo of military thrillers. Their latest novel in the Tier One Series, DEMPSEY, is already getting huge buzz.

I first met Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson nearly two years ago. Soon after, they agreed to appear on my startup podcast, The Thriller Zone, and today marks their third appearance.

Brian and Jeff have talent to spare, as they craft not one or two, but four different series: Tier One, Sons of Valor, Shepherds Series, and W.E.B. Griffin.

But today they announce yet another HUGE piece of news, as Tom Colgan, Editorial Director at Penguin USA, has asked them to craft the next Jack Ryan thriller for the Tom Clancy estate. If you're a military thriller fan like me, then you know what a supreme honor that is, and how the men who have gone before, which include Marc Cameron, Mark Greaney, and Don Bentley, have carried the Clancy torch to huge success.

Join me as I sit down with BA and JW as we discuss #submarines #aircraftcarriers #guns #writing #writingcommunity and even #ballooning. Listen for the laughs, stay for the advice. These guys are good. And good as gold.

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