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This episode of Pathfinder we meet Charles Dodgson and his method for creating the nonsensical. We help you start to create a blueprint to create your own Wonderland.

Show Notes

Ollie here,

I've had a bit of an obsession with Lewis Carroll recently, specifically around his thoughts on logic and narrative construction. We thought we'd turn it into a Pathfinder story. This story actually spans two episodes so make sure you come back next week to learn how to integrate some of this logic into your own world-building.

In this episode:
  • A bit of history about the man known as Lewis Carroll
  • We breakdown opposites and distractions and how to use them in your stories
  • We attempt to make sense of nonsense.

This episode was written by Ollie Judge and edited by Rodger Morley. You can find more of their work at Adrift Entertainment.

Thank you for listening to Pathfinder. You can find out the video version and more information about this show at

What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a show about storytelling. Each week we explore what makes stories work, uncover the lessons of the past and learn from people who are building worlds with the tools of the future. Written and hosted by Ollie Judge and Rodger Morley