Nadjiwan's released over 10 albums in their nearly 3 decade career. This is their first collection of covers. Bring on the Tool.

Show Notes

This week I welcome Marc Merilainen, (Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation) back to Gaënö'. Last summer we discussed Nadjiwan's phenomenal space rock opera, Star Nation.  This time around we chat about the Merilainen Music label, recording at the legendary Grant Avenue Studio in Ontario, the bands first collection of covers (Resurgence, 2022) and their most recent original, Land of Skoden.  Asadënö:dëh! You outta sing along! Enjoy


01 Nadjiwan- The Maker
02 Nadjiwan- Sober
03 Joy Harjo- Midnight is a Hornplayer
04 Berk Jodoin- Half Breed
05 Nadjiwan- Land of Skoden
06 Mali O’Bomsawin- Odana
07 JC Campbell- Walk in Love
08 Nadjiwan- Brother Run
09 Samantha Crain- There is No Mail Today

What is Gaënö'?

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