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A delicate talk on the recent outflux of Tech talents from the African Tech ecosystem with Senior Software Engineer at About You, Neo Ighodaro, also the Founder of CreativityKills and previously Chief Technical Officer at We also get exclusive information as regards his new role at About You in Hamburg, Germany and his future plans for the African Tech community.

Show Notes

Show Notes:
  • Meet Neo (01:11) 
  • How do you feel relocating to a new country? (04:42)
  • How do you feel joining your new company? (05:32)
  • What made you take the choice to relocate ? (06:53)  
  • What do you think are the reasons for other tech talents leaving the African continent ? (07:42)
  • What made you settle down for Germany as your new country choice ? (08:55)
  • Are there things to consider before making a choice on relocation ? (10:35)
  • As a developer, what are the lacking necessities you feel your government hasn't provided to make people consider relocation?  (12:49)
  • Would you stay back if things were to change? (15:17)
  • How was the process like in getting your new role ? (16:56)
  • How would you advice one who gets a remote job with bigger pay or an offer with lesser pay but includes relocating ? (19:14)
  • How do you intend to continue your contribution to the African tech ecosystem ? (20:32)
  • Would you consider moving back to your country sometime in the future? (22:36)
  • How does the act of Talents leaving Africa affect the narrative of "The Africa Tech ecosystem growing"? (23:09)
  • 5 questions in 20 seconds with Neo (25:00)
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