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While we wait for Season 2 to start, Justin answers listener questions:

How do you launch if you don't have an audience?
The inside story about Build & Launch projects, and how Justin did it

Show Notes

How do you launch if you don't have an audience?

Derek Moreno and Hassan both asked this question.
Your product needs a target market, and you need a way of reaching that target market.
Questions about the Build & Launch experience

Mike Dario asked:

1. What was the biggest challenge?
Find the time and energy each day, for sure. Staying focused and on-task.

2. How did you track the changes each day?
I used Sprintly (project management software). I'd log in each day, look at what I had to do in my backlog, and do that.

3. What was one thing you'll change for next season?
I'd like to do the "next iteration" sprint for each of the projects. Example: for Network Effects, I'd go out and try to get the first 10 customers in a week (record my sales calls, etc).

4. Did any of the projects seem too small, too big?
Network Effects and the WordPress plugin were definitely big projects; but the hardest was probably writing the book by myself.

5. What was the hardest part about teaming up?
Giving up control. In the past, I've been a lone wolf. Sharing everything with a partner was hard at first, but definitely a good decision in terms of our ability to get things done.

6. Why did you start Build and Launch?
I really wanted to kick my own butt into gear. I knew that committing to building and launching something every week would force me to just do it.

7. What type of project would be too big?
Most software projects I think are too big. A really long book (100+ pages) would be difficult as well.

8. In what ways was a weekly sprint helpful for these particular products? Harmful?
It was really helpful in terms of focusing on creating the smallest, tiniest version of each project. Not much harmful actually.

9. How did your wife handle this experience?
Lol. I'll have to get her on the show and have her talk about her side. ;)

10. How much after work time did you devote to this?
An average of 2 hours a day (14 hours a week). Most of this was after work, with big chunks on weekends.

Season 1 launches
  1. The Build & Launch podcast
  2. The Product Hunt Handbook
  3. Network Effects: a web app for notifying groups via SMS
  4. Irresistible Podcasting
  5. Productify: Gumroad plugin for WP Membership Sites
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