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“If we’re not whole [for ourselves], how can we be whole for others?” In this special episode, host Augustine Colebook, MA-MCHS, speaks with midwives around the world about how the Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted the practice of midwifery. Guest speakers include:
Susana Ku Carbonell, RM (Canada & Peru)
Heather Mena, RN, CNM (US & Ecuador)
Latisha Serrano DEM (Mexico)
Kimberly Lartey, JD, CD (Missouri, USA)
Zul Ruiz, LM, CPM (Florida, USA & Puerto Rico)
Jutta Wohlrab, Hebamme (Germany)
Jennifer Nguyen, RM, MSc (British Columbia, Canada)
Chemin Perez, CPM, LM (Los Angeles, USA)
Alice Ciochino, BMid(Hon) (UK & Italy)
Debby Engelbrecht, CPM (South Africa)
Tani Paxton, MIPH, EPPM (Australia)
Trinisha Williams, CM, LM, MPH, LC (New York, USA)
Leila Mostofi, PhD(c) (India & Iran)
Lisa Varnes-Epstein, MHS, PA-C, CPM, LM (USA & Sierra Leon)
Irene Garzon, RM (Spain & UK)

Show Notes

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What is Worldwide Midwifery Podcast?

Midwives from all around the world share work conditions, political landscape, community support, and health metrics where they work as well as some amazing birth stories and clinical updates!
If you're someone who cares about maternal child health and wants to see midwifery as the gold standard for normal birth around the globe, join us as we give voice to the revolution!