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On this episode, we're joined by Chris Salway, a Principal Product Manager at Clearlink. He talks about how he got into product management after starting out in sales and marketing, and what he wishes he knew before starting in product. We also talk about some of the surprises of product management and ways to prepare for a career in product.

Show Notes

Very few of us take a straight-line path into product management, and Chris is no exception. He talks about how his background helped prepare him for a career in product management, and what he learned along the way to help him be successful.

A few things Chris wishes he knew coming into product management:
  1. Product managers often make decisions without all the information. How can we better prepare for this?
  2. Not everyone understands the value of product management. How can we do better?
  3. Product management is incredibly fun. As much hard work as it is, there are few careers as rewarding.
Listen for a ton of other great information on moving into product management, the origin of Doritos, hamburgers, and using tacos to gauge your purchasing habits. 

What is Product by Design?

A podcast about product management, user experience design, and how we can create the best product experiences for users and our businesses.