Simplified Organization: How moms manage life & home

A brain dump will help you declutter your mind.

Show Notes

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The root cause of procrastination and laziness is most often attitude. Again, ask yourself questions and find out the reason behind your attitude; with that information, fixing your attitude and overcoming procrastination will be simple.

Don’t let your mind be a cluttered storage unit itself. Before you clear out all those back rooms, pods, or storage units, clear out your mind. By doing this and by bringing your physical and mental problems before God in prayer, you’ll find that decluttering, organizing, and simplifying your life isn’t actually as hard as you first thought it to be.

What is Simplified Organization: How moms manage life & home?

Family life at home can be crazy and the house absolute chaos, but we moms can manage it all cheerfully & capably. We can tackle projects, overcome overwhelm, end perfectionism, and beat the boom and bust cycle! Listen to the stories of moms who have and know that you can, too.