Garblag Games - Coriolis RPG - Mercy of the Icons

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It's time to make some new friends and visit the lower sections of the Coriolis station

Show Notes

Their contact Alef is skilled at finding things or people that can't typically be found. This leads them deeper into the Cellar of Coriolis. A home to artists, humanites, and hidden dangers.

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Originally broadcast on the Free League Twitch, come join us on Tuesdays from 8pm GMT!

We used the Epic Syrinscape during our game, Millie is a Super Syrin" and built some of the soundsets just for this game, along with using some of the pre made sound packs!

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What is Garblag Games - Coriolis RPG - Mercy of the Icons?

Here you'll find all the audio from the epic Mercy of the Icons campaign ran on Garblag Games.

Coriolis is a Sci Fi RPG from Free League.

This podcast is the audio from our livestreamed game on come join us live each week!