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Where's DHH been? We catch up with him.

Show Notes

Basecamp co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson has been on a not-totally-intended sabbatical from both work and Twitter, and on an entirely intended break from living in the U.S. He checks in from Europe to talk about how he's managing his time off as the boss, and what developments back at Basecamp briefly pulled him back into work.

Show Notes

“Two Weeks,“ our episode about the launch of HEY - 5:00

Basecamp’s sabbatical policy - 5:23

HEY for Work - 8:23

HEY'S Paper Trail feature - 8:38

The School of Life - 9:27

It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy At Work by Jason Fried and DHH - 13:45

"Take A Break," our episode on sabbaticals - 15:05

“Something’s Broken,” our episode about recent outages - 15:58

"All Bugs are Not Created Equal" from Getting Real - 21:04

What is Rework?

A podcast by Basecamp about the better way to work and run your business. We bring you stories and unconventional wisdom from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business owners.