Inside The Coffin

Inside the Coffin is Witch Craft Magazine’s new podcast. An auditory resurrection of its past. In each episode Julia Fisher and Genevieve Jagger dig up a selection of stories, poems and prose from the last 8 issues of Witch Craft for your entertainment.

This episode features:

Delivery by Kayla Jean

The Necessary Dark by Chelsea Laine Wells, @chelsea_l_w on Instagram

19 Covid Safe Scenes by Kawai Shen, @kawaishen on Twitter and Bluesky

Photogenic Mouth Goblins Ingest The Walls by Nate Hoil, @natehoil on Instagram

Blank Spaces by Daniel Elder, @tumblehawk on Twitter

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You can follow Julia's logic but stil don't understand what's she's doing.

What is Inside The Coffin?

Inside The Coffin is an audio fiction podcast created by Witch Craft Magazine. Each episode hosts, Genevieve Jagger and Julia Fisher, dig up old poems and stories from previous issues of Witch Craft Magazine and reanimate them for your listening pleasure.