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In episode 77, we are going to deep dive on Free "Best Are to Live" example you can steal! It was all clients favorite and will help your channel's view duration go up!

Show Notes

Welcome to today's YouTube For Realtors WALK AND TALK 77 - I have so many things going through my head every day about YouTube for Realtors that I just want to get it all out! I get asked so many questions everyday and coach so many agents it's time to answer all of those in depth, on my walk to the gym!

In todays episode I do a deep dive into  FREE “Best Area to Live” Example You Can Steal! (CLIENT FAVORITE). Are you struggling with some of those videos that are titled the best areas to live or top five best areas to live one of them? The question for this episode is from DJ Parker. Out of the majority of the YouTube channels that I have they typically have kind of a major hub like driving city and it's easy to run these. If some of you are in those smaller markets, there are things like prehistoric places. Like what I did on my third YouTube channel which was living in North Idaho. Know that there is no major hub in North Idaho. That's why I used the name North Idaho, and after looking at research and analytics and my traffic sources, obviously Coeur d'Alene Idaho is the big driver to my channel, even though most people can't even spell it right but I probably could have just gotten away with a channel of living in Corda Lane, Idaho, but since it's a bunch of smaller cities there isn't really a hub, and so I went with living in North Idaho and it actually helped us out because it didn't encapsulates. When I was doing my top best list in those areas, you can't really type in top suburbs to live in core lane. There isn't like suburbs in Coeur d'Alene, it is only a little city.
No matter what your struggles are, whether it's an area, or specific questions like this I can totally relate and I can help you. If you have the big metro areas, it's way easier. There's tons of these lists and you can just rip off of them and just go. There's more to learn from here. All are raw and unedited! Keep listening homies!

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