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Dr Anna Brooks speaks frankly about her personal battle with an anxiety disorder in order to become the scientist she is today. This has given her the resilience to keep standing up, putting herself forward, and dealing with obstacles due to the competitive nature of academia.

Show Notes

Dr Anna Brooks is a research scientist and director of Auckland Cytometry at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  As a child Anna suffered from a rare anxiety condition called Selective Mutism where she was unable to speak to anyone outside her immediate family.  As a result, the life of a scientist has not been easy as she has had to learn to overcome her anxiety to present her research.  

In this week’s podcast we discuss how Anna worked through her fears and how this may have held her back from other opportunities.  Many younger women suffer from a lack of confidence and anxiety and this can have longer term effects on their careers.  As a mid-career scientist she is currently utilising the resilience she has used to conquer her anxiety, to push to the next stage in her career.

Anna encourages having a clear understanding of the direction you wish to go in, finding a mentor earlier in your career, and to tackle those internal demons head on to build confidence and find your voice.

What is The Stem Equity Network?

A series of interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, detailing their career highlights and outlining the steps needed to achieve leadership equity.