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In this episode of The Indie SaaS Operator, Matthew Reid talks about building an indie business while working a full-time job.

Tune in to learn more about:

~ How to find the first few customers for your indie saas business?

~ What is the best way to start working with a remote co-founder?

~ Is a 4-hour work week as rewarding as it sounds?


  • (00:12) - What problem does Pricewell solve?
  • (02:00) - How did they find their niche?
  • (03:33) - The current scale of Pricewell.
  • (04:18) - Matthew's story behind Pricewell
  • (05:08) - Was his 4-day workweek experience rewarding?
  • (07:22) - Why he chose the indie route over VC-backed?
  • (09:00) - How did Pricewell get its first few customers?
  • (11:14) - What worked for Pricewell to find the first few customers?
  • (13:00) - What are the future plans for Pricewell?
  • (14:10) - How does Matt balance marketing and development?
  • (17:04) - The IndieHacker story of Matthew & his Co-founder?
  • (21:25) - The Big Vision for Pricewell.
  • (23:30) - What would Matt do differently if he could start from scratch?

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Mentioned In The Episode - Matt’s Current Startup - React.js Agency for Startups - A Social Platform for Indie Entrepreneurs

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Nikolas Chapoupis
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