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In this episode we reveal the new community website. We discuss the latest GPT-4 updates, Code Llama 70B open-source release and first impressions, we play around with the new LLaVA-1.6 release and are impressed by its capabilities. We also look at YOLO World and discuss the impact of EAGLE-7B and RWKV Language Models. Finally, we cover Bard's horrible new image creation feature and censorship. 

00:00 - Introducing Community
5:10 - Be Careful What You Wish For! Mike Gets Spam Called by AI
16:16 - OpenAI Announces "improved" GPT-4 Preview Model to Make GPT-4 Less Lazy
27:00 - LLaVA-1.6: Improved reasoning, OCR, and world knowledge
34:00 - YOLO-World: Real-Time Open-Vocabulary Object Detection
45:11 - RWKV an RNN with GPT-level LLM performance and EAGLE7B Impressions
58:16 - Google Bard's New Highly Censored Image Creation Feature
1:07:13 - Will Google Bard be Renamed to Google Gemini?

What is This Day in AI Podcast?

This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.