The Weird Show

Russell Dowden features this demo Show recording for the i-heartmedia & Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
The show serves as a "What to Expect" and a Background on Russell's body of work in the paranormal space spanning 25 years or more.
Special Thanks to Heidi Hollis for the opportunity. Would love to do many more of these on C2CAMPPN . . .

What is The Weird Show ?

Enter the Rabbit Hole of Paranormal and Conspiracy as we explore the dark web of alternative science, technology and the paranormal.
This fast moving unexpected journey of total weirdness will blow your mind and expand your consciousness.

Dowden was influenced by Art Bell and Jeff Rense in the 1990s and when he was young and appeared often on the Alex Jones Show and Deadline Live with Jack Blood on GCN Radio Networks....a native of Austin TX, Russell has been in publishing, advertising and media most of his career. Dowden has published 101 issues of Weird Magazine and has hosted "paranormal-talk-radio" since 1999; his first show aired following the 61st anniversary of War of the Worlds broadcast on October 31st 1999 on KMBH public radio in Harlingen TX.