Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast

Meet six Team USA athletes headed to Tokyo for the Olympics and Paralympics this summer. For the final episode of season one, Sasha revisits some of her favorite conversations with six Tokyo-bound athletes: Yul Moldauer (gymnastics), Matt Scott (wheelchair basketball), Haylie McCleney (softball), Alex Massialas (fencing), Heimana Reynolds (skateboarding) and Tyler Merren (goalball). The Olympics begin July 23, and the Paralympics open August 24. Get to know these awesome athletes and join us in cheering them on at the Tokyo Games!

What is Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast?

Exceptional individuals share the stories that shaped them, how they define identity, and the motivations, habits, and opportunities that led to personal reinvention. Guests feature athletes from all sports and backgrounds, whose accomplishments inspire millions on the Olympic & Paralympic stage, and people outside of sports, whose work has challenged how we think about the world today.