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This episode originally aired on June 22, 2020: We are exploring the relationship between queer people and the natural environment. This week we are going to share with you an interview that Terra Informer Elizabeth Dowdell held with Kevin McBean. Kevin will share with us his experience as a gay man, an outdoor enthusiast, and a member of the board of directors of Camp Maskepetoon.

A few queer members of the Terra Informa team had the chance to reflect on their relationship with the environment and their identities as sexual minorities. For some of us, urban spaces can bring comfort and familiarity. Seeing a rainbow sticker or a trans flag in businesses or as part of urban art is a reminder that this is our space too. But what happens when we explore the natural environment? We tend to still think of the environment as a very heteronorNmative space, but we need to actively work to change that and you’ll get to hear Kevin’s perspective on how we can do just that!

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