This week's episode looks at the new Azure Developer CLI. Why yet another CLI? Do we still need Azure CLI? We look at the features, syntax, and how to get started. Also, Jussi asks Tobi an unexpected question.

Show Notes

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(05:43) - Show content starts.

Show links
- Getting started with Azure Developer CLI (Microsoft Docs)

Creators & Guests

Jussi Roine
Awesome with #Azure & #Security. Co-founder North Advisors & Not Bad Security. Microsoft MVP, @CtrlAltAzure Podcast, 🏋️‍♂️ Powerlifter
Tobias Zimmergren
Architecture Content Lead @Microsoft. Co-host @CtrlAltAzure. Tweets about #azure, #security, #cybersecurity, #architecture, and more.

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