The Art and Science of Developing Athletes

In this episode of The Art and Science of Developing Athletes, Dr. Angel Mason, Director of Athletics at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, and founder and CEO of "The Show," takes us on a journey through the world of sports, equity, and the evolving landscape of college athletics.

The interview begins with a deep dive into the impact of Title IX on the development of female athletes, shedding light on how it has shaped Dr. Mason's own athletic journey and become central to her work. Title IX, still providing benefits and facing its own set of challenges, is discussed in detail, highlighting how it has led to a surge in aspiring female collegiate athletes and the importance of women coaches in the industry.

Dr. Mason delves into the importance of education in achieving equity and discusses the impact of taxable income on athletes, emphasizing the need for a national conversation. The evolving landscape of college athletics takes center stage as the discussion turns to athletes becoming employees, developing their own brands, and the disparities between men's and women's sports. The episode concludes by emphasizing the significance of equity in leadership and the responsibility of pioneers to pave the way for future generations. Learn more about Dr. Angel Mason via her LinkedIn page.

What is The Art and Science of Developing Athletes?

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