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TV and movie talk and reviews including Doctor Sleep, Annihilation, The Midnight Gospel, and more!

Show Notes

You ready for another Grawlix Nights!? Better be! This episode we discuss some recent viewing including our thoughts on Doctor Sleep, Annihilation, Ozark, and The Midnight Gospel.

We also REACT AT THE NEWS. Universal takes over the Lego license, Warner Bros assures us theaters are still a thing, and Quibi goes after a fan podcast. Plus, the man behind the gimp mask in Pulp Fiction, Randy is a bad friend, and more! Enjoy!

Originally streamed live April 23rd, 2020 via Facebook Live.

Video version, full show notes, and more:

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What is The Grawlix Podcast?

A podcast discussing comic books, graphic novels, web comics, television, movies and other nerd culture media.