You're Wrong

I've never seen a movie be so wrong about *itself*. It's kind of impressive, actually.

Show Notes

This week, our hosts decided to try their hand at reviewing a movie again. However, they weren't satisfied with their previous format, so they came up with something a bit off the beaten path, as far as movie review structures go.

Unfortunately (for them), they chose to do so with The Green Knight, and let me tell ya: them nerds got angry. I mean, yeah, this movie is a hot mess, but sheesh, it was like someone pissed in their Wheaties or something.

Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod

What is You're Wrong?

The podcast that will tell you why your thoughts and ideas about video games, movies, TV series and other things are dead wrong. The good news is we're all going to have a lot of fun learning just how wrong everyone is.