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In this episode of the ServiceMonster Podcast, Adam and Mary give you the rundown on appointment reminders. How to set them up, default settings, and how to customize them to best serve your business. Also in this episode, our weekly updates on the software, and a deep dive at some of our highlighted posts in SMUG.

0:00 - Intro
04:01 - Appointment Reminders Set-Up
12:20 - Do Not Contact
13:35 - Default Pipeline
14:47 - After The Appointment Reminders
16:34 - ServiceMonster Updates
18:23 - SMUG Kimberly: Referral Program
20:32 - SMUG Vincent: Mobile App Question
22:44 - SMUG Matt: Client Not On The Schedule
26:18 - Outro

What is The ServiceMonster Podcast?

Welcome to The ServiceMonster Podcast, your bi-weekly resource for all things ServiceMonster. All episodes are hosted by ServiceMonster CEO Joe Kowalski, with guest hosting duties coming from ServiceMonster employees, service industry leaders, and many others. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!