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This is Sports and More where almost anything goes, we mostly stay away from politics and always steer clear of religion (sports gods don’t count) but from sports to pop culture and in between it’s all fair game!

Show Notes

Brady Leavold had a good junior career and turned pro playing the game he loved, but along the way was sidetracked by drugs like cocaine and heroin. He went from the ice to the streets and then behind bars. He's sober now and has launched the Puck Support Foundation for anyone in the game needing help. We discussed his life in an open and honest way and about how they are helping. Brady's own podcast Hockey to Heroin is a healing process for him also. Our Top 3 Topic presented by Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is about the best 3 players still in the bubble. Our UFFS poll question is about who had the best week one Fantasy Football outing and in Perfect Player we went with current MLB starting pitchers!!!

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What is Sports & More?

We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.