6月同7月分別是Pride Month 和 Disability Pride Month

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What is the meaning of LGBTQIA+?

L - lesbian
G - gay, 
B - bisexual, 
T - transgender, 
Q - queer has been used as an epithet/slur against people whose gender, gender expression and/or sexuality do not conform to dominant expectations and not fitting into social norms. 
I - intersex: An umbrella term to describe a wide range of natural body variations that do not fit neatly into conventional definitions of male or female.
A - asexual: A broad spectrum of sexual orientations generally characterized by feeling varying degrees of sexual attraction or a desires for partnered sexuality.
+ e.g. 
Non binary/Nonbinary/Non-binary: A gender identity and experience that embraces a full universe of expressions and ways of being that resonate for an individual, moving beyond the male/female gender binary. It may be an active resistance to binary gender expectations and/or an intentional creation of new unbounded ideas of self within the world.

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