Finneran's Wake

Upon her graduation from high school, when, with unalloyed excitement, most young men and women look hopefully toward the future, Olga’s home country of Russia—in whose greatness and infallibility she was, from a very young age, propagandized to believe—collapsed. All that she’d known, every doctrine whose truth she’d been conditioned to accept, disintegrated before her eyes. She immigrated to America at the age of twenty. She reflects now on the state of Russia and its aggression toward Ukraine, What follows is her story.

What is Finneran's Wake?

News, politics, history, poetry, philosophy, literature, life: A little university in the palm of your hand, an eloquent voice between your ears! Intended neither to inflame, nor to polarize, but to pursue truth. What end could be greater? Sapere Aude, my friends! Dare to think. Dare to seek. Dare to know.