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Kitty Cats & Kung-Fu Fighters vs. Rock Stars & Vampires. Caleb vs. Jacob. Who will win? And will we set a record for scoring plays in a Smash Up game?

Show Notes

Throughout this season of RPG Decades, Ben and Caleb have been comparing Smash Up to Magic: The Gathering. One possible comparison comes in the form of bases in Smash Up and lands in Magic: The Gathering. Now, bases in Smash Up are put in play at the start of the game and swapped out when they reach their break points. Lands are put in play by the players in Magic. At first, this might not seem like a good comparison, but think about how land cards can prevent you from winning a game of Magic. It might not matter how well your deck is constructed if your opponent spends almost the entire game with twice as many lands in play as you. In Smash Up, you could have a perfectly good faction combo, maybe one that’s far stronger than average, but the combination of bases in play can break things wide open. 

This is one of those games. 

Kitty Cats & Kung-Fu Fighters vs. Rock Stars & Vampires. Caleb vs. Jacob. Who will win? And will we set a record for scoring plays in a Smash Up game? 

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