Hackers Incorporated

“How come Dave Grohl is still playing guitar and writing songs and singing but I'm filling out DMCA takedown notices, answering customer support emails and responding to GitHub issues?”


00:00 Intro
03:05 Bringing on a band manager
07:34 Why the band metaphor works
11:54 Make things for your fans, not for your critics
14:49 Always do the things you want to do
18:04 Turning over your rep over time
19:33 A band needs a frontman
22:14 Showing behind the scenes
25:23 Doing one thing at a time
30:57 Don't interview people, audition them
35:38 We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make movies


Creators & Guests

Adam Wathan
Creator of Tailwind CSS.
Ben Orenstein
Co-founder and CEO of Tuple.

What is Hackers Incorporated?

Ben Orenstein and Adam Wathan on surviving the transition from dev to founder.