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This episode covers the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, European influence in the region, some major historical conflicts from WWII to 2023, and how Middle Eastern countries currently relate to each other, generally. The hope is for those who know little to nothing about the Middle East to have a basic primer that can be used as a springboard for further research. For extra resources to further your study, head to my Patreon

*Additions: It is also worth knowing that Nazi Germany played a role in politics in the Middle East before and during WWII. For example, the Ba'ath Party in Iraq was friendly with Nazi ideology. The Soviet Union affected political ideology in parts of the Middle East post-WWII, as well. Likewise, you may note that I don't include a whole lot about terrorism, Jihad, etc. in this particular episode. This is because with the state of the world right now, I was advised not to (by folks who work in counter-terrorism), to avoid becoming a target. Thanks for your understanding.

*Correction: Saddam Hussein became leader of Iraq in 1979 (not 1968 as I stated). When I mentioned 1968, I was talking about the Saddam Hussein's political party coming to power in Iraq (which did happen in 1968). 

Sources used in making this episode. 

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