The Cultured Guitarist

Al & Kasper get the chance to hang out with Dan, the visionary behind Spun Loud Effects in west Seattle, Washington. Dan has a fun sense of humour and makes super rad pedals. He and the boys dive into what goes into great overdrive together and why wah pedals are not for everyone. Enjoy the show!

What is The Cultured Guitarist?

The Cultured Guitarist is dedicated to exploring the cultural zeitgeist surrounding the instrument that has been the most moving instrument of the last 100 years. Join us for the ongoing conversation of what it is to be a guitarist. We tackle everything from new gear, old gear, songwriting, playing, gigging, practicing, collecting, modding, building, etc. If it’s related to the guitar, we’re gonna explore it. With a lot of humour and some stellar guests, Al & Kasper tackle the topics in the unending quest to be six string gurus.