Keeping It Independent

This week on Keeping It Independent, we're shining a light on Wyffels' partnership with Farm Rescue. Agronomy Manager Eric Wilson sits down Farm Rescue's Ben Smith (00:00) to discuss the nonprofit's impact. Chris and Kari Berg (17:37) also join to discuss their experience with Farm Rescue.

Communications Manager Jill Carlson highlights how Wyffels is working with Farm Rescue to cultivate awareness, donations, volunteers and more!

Wyffels Hybrids is proud to partner with Farm Rescue. Farm Rescue is a nonprofit organization that helps families dealing with crisis due to illness, injury or natural disasters by providing the support they need to get work done, such as planting, harvesting or feeding livestock.

As a U.S. Farm Family-owned business based in the Central Corn Belt, Wyffels is in touch with farming communities in areas where Farm Rescue is currently not well known. Wyffels employees, seed representatives and customers are often the first to hear about a neighbor in need in local communities. Partnering with Farm Rescue to raise awareness could prove invaluable to farmers facing unforeseen disruptions to their farming operation.

Since our partnership began in 2022, Wyffels Hybrids has supported 17 farm cases, Farm Rescue has added more than 350 new volunteers, and donations have increased by 20%.

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What is Keeping It Independent?

Welcome to Keeping It Independent from Wyffels Hybrids. This podcast will focus on answering questions farmers face every day. We’re going to approach each question or topic from an unbiased, independent perspective and provide the best information we can to help you make the best decision for your operation.