Box Card Gamers

When pranks go wrong, with examples.

Show Notes

When pranks go wrong, with examples.

The Game
Pando by Pando.

The Cards
Ryan's first card - Have I ever totaled a car? Do I work too much? Who is my email provider?
Heather's first card - The milk is two days beyond the expiration date, do I drink it or throw it out? Can I jump into a conversation with a group of strangers easily? Have I ever lived alone?
Ryan's second card - Can I roll my tongue? Have I ever TP’d a house? Do I often lose my temper?
Heather's second card - Where do I generally buy my underwear? Do I tend to get lost when I’m driving? Have I ever been a member of a book club?

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Reddit Question
What prank you pulled went horribly wrong and why?

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What is Box Card Gamers?

Not every tabletop game has to be D&D or Catana, or even a board game at all. Join sibling duo Heather and Ryan as they explore the world of box card games. You might just find your next game right here.