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Harnessing the energy of the 2012 shift. Keeping up with the evolution of society

Show Notes

Lisa Turner is a transformational teacher and therapist specializing in helping people to literally, expand their mind. Her approach is based years of research into the latest scientific, psychological and spiritual thinking on what it means to be human in the 21st century. Her techniques include a profound therapy which enables people to release ALL of the painful emotions from their past, and she is proud of her 95% success rate with her clients. Lisa’s journey to find ways of realizing the past began with her own road to recovery from 7 years of childhood sexual abuse that resulted to her becoming a “house prisoner” for 5 years when she became emotionally and energetically “enslaved” by her music teacher 13 years her senior, when she was only 13 years old. Lisa also teaches transmutation of sexual energy for inner strength and success. Think and Grow Rich dedicated a whole chapter to the mystery of sex transmutation, but did not explain how to do it. Lisa Turner has created Psycademy to help people develop their spirituality, intuition and confidence so that they can solve life’s problems and rise above circumstances. She assists them to realize that they have more power and control over their lives that they could ever imagine. Psycademy is the only company to offer a standardized professional, certified spiritual and psychic practitioner training. Before creating Psycademy, she worked as a senior lecturer in Automotive Engineering, and also holds a PhD in Aero-acustics and Mechanical Engineering. You can take a look at Lisa’s Psycademy site here: Take a free online test to assess your connection to source AND discover your strongest psychic sense. £1 offer for 4 audios and one month in my mastermind.

What is BlissLife with Akasha?

Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended. Adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

BlissLife with Akasha is a weekly podcast with host Nan Akasha. Come join Akasha's adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

Meditations, readings, chakras, sacred geometry and much more and beyond.

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