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Nader talks about his journey as an independent software consultant and how he was able to attract some of the biggest names in the tech industry as clients. He goes into detail about how open source and writing can make a huge difference when trying to establish yourself in the industry. Nader also talks about the process he went through for writing his book, React Native in Action, and also covers his approach to delivering paid workshops.

Show Notes

Nader Dabit is a web and mobile developer currently working as a Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services. He's also the founder of React Native Training, the author of React Native In Action, & the creator of React Native Elements and an aspiring futurist. When he's not programming he's probably traveling, spending time with his family, or reading.

Nader's Links

React Native in Action
React Native Training
React Native Elements
21 Lessons for the 21st Century
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What is The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast?

An interview show where I talk to programmers, developers, and coders of all types who have gone into business for themselves. I find out the secrets to their success so you can make the move into an entrepreneurial pursuit yourself.