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Is it okay for a friend to date your ex? Are there scenarios where it would be problematic to do so?
In this episode, our hosts are joined by Oyindamola Abatan aka The Olori of Lagos. They debate dating among friends and how it can sometimes get complex.
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Creators & Guests

Chidi "Chydee" Okereke
Chidi "Chydee" Okereke is a content creator, digital marketer and communications expert.
Ope "SwitOpe" Keshinro
Ope "SwitOpe" Keshinro is an award-winning content creator, event host, radio presenter and all round storyteller.
Aisha Salaudeen
Aisha Salaudeen is a multimedia storyteller based in Nigeria. She has worked in full-time and freelance journalism, using images, videos, audio, and text to report and investigate diverse human interest stories in Africa.

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