Connect the Dots with Matt Ragland

22 books recommendations for 2022. See timestamps for each book below. Happy reading!

Show Notes

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02:43 - The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life
03:40 - Courage is Calling
04:47 - Bird by Bird
05:53 - The Hero Within
07:01 - Awareness
08:20 - How to Take Smart Notes
09:06 - Loving What Is
10:30 - The War of Art
11:31 - The World Ending Fire
13:36 - Rooted
15:07 - Bullet Journal Method
16:00 - Devotions
16:43 - Almanack of Naval Ravikant
17:34 - You are a Badass at Making Money
18:37 - Thinking In Bets
19:44 - Black Buck
20:51 - Greenlights
22:27 - Psychology of Money
24:01 - Callings
25:18 - Thinking Better
26:30 - Atomic Habits
27:45 - Radical Candor

What is Connect the Dots with Matt Ragland?

Connect the Dots is a show about how different topics converge to form a new idea. We start from the perspective of productivity or creativity and how they intersect.

But one of the things that has proven most fascinating to me over the years is how many other topics and disciplines impact creative and productive work. Like how much is productivity impacted by the improvement of physical health? How does creativity increase when you learn from new sources of inspiration? It's these questions that form the heart of Connect the Dots.