Cost of Glory

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The Conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Republic at the height of its power.  Catiline and his associates challenge Cicero and Cato. 

Rumors were that Crassus and Caesar were involved... 

Part I: Highlights from Sallust's War with Catiline.

ANNOUNCING - New Megaseries:  Visions of Caesar.  I am beginning an arc on the biographies of all the most prominent of the era of Caesar, including The Man himself.  Crassus, Pompey, Cato, Caesar, Cicero, Brutus, Antony.

What is Cost of Glory?

The most influential biographies ever written, admired by leaders, creators, soldiers, and thinkers for nearly 2,000 years: Plutarch’s Parallel lives. Essential listening for anyone striving after greatness. Alex Petkas, former professor of ancient philosophy and history, revives and dramatically retells these unforgettable stories for modern audiences. The subjects are statesmen, generals, orators, and founders; pious and profane, stoics and hedonists. The stakes bear on the future of Western civilization. The cost of glory is always great. Visit to find out more.