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Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid, a viral expert, COVID-19 media spokesperson, internship coordinator and part-time scientist speaks frankly about the impact of part-time work on her scientific career, Imposter Syndrome and the benefits of equal representation in the media.

Show Notes

Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid is a viral researcher in respiratory illnesses such as Bird Flu, influenza and the common cold.  She is the coordinator of a Student internship program at University of NSW and has recently become a media spokesperson for research on Covid19.

In this podcast episode we discuss the harsh realities of working part-time in Science and the lack of leadership prospects as a result.  

We discuss how Imposter Syndrome may be holding many women back, and how mentoring and sponsoring women helps to propel them forward, supporting them past this.

Finally we tackle the importance of diversity and equal representation in media, academic and corporate boards, and making conscious decisions to ensure this happens.

What is The Stem Equity Network?

A series of interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, detailing their career highlights and outlining the steps needed to achieve leadership equity.