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It's time for another chat with a wonderful creator! This episode, Ria speaks with children's author and illustrator Bethan Woollvin about her work (of course), how she began creating children's books, feminism and enjoying creepy things!

Find out more about Bethan and her amazing work at bethanwoollvin.com and follow her on Instagram @bethanwoollvin

You can even book Bethan for an author visit to your local school! Find out more here.

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Ria Carrogan (she/her)
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What is Femme On?

The Femme on Collective is a podcast collective where we discuss issues or pop culture that interests us, with a feminist, female view. Hosts Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya bring their unique voices to a variety of subjects including books, film, TV, feminism, comics, fitness, activism and so much more.