Long Way Around the Barn

In the final episode of this three-part series, Jacey Heuer returns to continue the conversation on Data Science and how it needs both a scientific and artful approach.

Show Notes

Science is the iterative testing, results change over time with variables. For data science, what’s true today could dramatically or incrementally change tomorrow based on one variable. The art of it is accepting that there will be exponential opportunities to discover more, learn more, and communicate more to find value and purpose in data.

This final episode with Jacey Heuer provides insights into how individuals can seek opportunities in this field and how organizations can purposefully mature data science and advanced analytics.

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What is Long Way Around the Barn?

Matthew D. Edwards discusses industry challenges, goals, and available options to accomplish desired outcomes in today’s technology landscape including adoption, complexity, security, and privacy. There are always options – some of them longer, some shorter than others.