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Neema Naz is a comedian, an actor, and the creator of The Estupid Club and NeemaNazTV. 

This conversation–my first with a REAL, card-carrying comedian–was an absolute delight! 

Of course, if you’re among his quarter-million followers on Instagram, this will come as no surprise; Neema is not only an immensely talented actor, but a refreshingly candid person. 

In this episode, Neema and I discuss: 

His origin story; the role of his parents (who immigrated to Canada from Iran) in his life; beginning and sustaining a successful business with his brother; the advantages of standing astride two cultures; growing up in Toronto; growing out and cutting his hair; his comedic role models; his education and training as an actor; the benefits to his “brand”, and the detriments to his health, of being “bigger-boned”; the hostility of the age to comedy and free speech; censorship online; his impressions; the feeling of seeing his name on a marquee; his ambitious plans for the future; and MORE! 

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