Bootstrapping Saas

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A recap of events in the past 6 weeks. Probably the last episode of this year. Happy Holidays y'all!

Show Notes

There wont be any ads in the show moving forward. Instead, I will give shoutouts to my maker friends. Want to keep the show ad free

Show notes:
  • $20K Investment didn't happen
  • Applied to Tinyseed, probably wont get an interview call/email
  • Getting a loan of $20K going into 2020
  • Claritask is doing well. No growth in new clients, but there's growth with current clients adding more users, which caused the need to up the resources in the server
  • How I will market/sell Claritask going forward

What is Bootstrapping Saas?

Bootstrapping Saas is a podcast where I document my attempts at getting to $10K in MRR with my Saas products as a one man show (designer, developer, marketer). I cover things like sales strategies, failed attempts, successful outcomes, lessons, and a few personal things here and there.

Once in a while I bring in a guest where we talk

The show is roughly prepared with bullet points, but mostly a free rain of thoughts with whatever is going on that week.

The first 40 episodes have been mostly about Claritask, starting with Episode 41 I cover more attempts, ideas, findings, and other potential products.

Get in touch via twitter at